Bedre George Bio

George Bedre

Healthcare Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Houston, TX

Est. 1995

Profile: | Insurance Expert | EDI Data Analysis | Retrospective Revenue Recovery

Managing Partner

M2 MedMatch, LLC

Houston, TX


-Over the past decade, George and Team have generated $130 million in value-added revenue and saved healthcare practices countless hours of resources. With 30 years of experience, he is an expert in payor claim adjudication methodologies and has a proven track record in recovering unclaimed commercial insurance money for medical providers.

Co-Founder, Managing Partner


Houston, TX


-AudX was a profitable company that provided much-needed revenue to prestigious orthopaedic practices. In 2021, a Dallas-based firm acquired AudX.

Co-Founder, Vice President

InterMed Health Associates, Inc.

Houston, Texas


-This team had successfully identified systematic errors present in the HMO and PPO payor platforms, leading to the recovery of millions of dollars for its medical clients.