Convenience and Efficiency – OBS

Patients undergoing ophthalmic surgeries can enjoy the same experience as LASIK patients with all the benefits of a familiar, comfortable environment that features streamlined and personalized care, less anxiety, and a better overall experience and satisfaction.

The pre-op, surgery and post-op are all performed at the same facility. With IV-free surgery, patients are not required to fast before surgery. The convenience of one-location makes scheduling easier with more availability, which is extremely beneficial with urgent cases.

Patient Choices

In the past, patients’ considerations related to cataract and retina surgery were typically limited to selecting a surgeon; the setting of the surgery was not an option. Today, a growing number of patients can now choose which venue is ideal for the patient thanks to the availability of office-based surgery for ophthalmic procedures.

The Setting

The office-based surgery setting, which resembles a LASIK-like experience for patients, reduces patient anxiety from the start, leading to less need for sedation. Patients do not feel like they are in a medical facility undergoing a major medical intervention: patients can eat and drink before their procedure, and do not have to change into a gown or start an IV. Most of the usual signals that surgery is about to happen are absent.

In addition, patients become more familiar with the surgical environment because it is the same setting in which they received their pre-op evaluations, and they recognize the same staff and other features.

All in One Setting

Office-based surgery packages the pre-operative consults, surgery, and post-operative care all into the same setting. As a result, patients do not have to travel to other facilities.

In addition, office-based surgery setting features the same staff for all three aspects of the episode of care, which allows the patient to become more familiar with the staff.

The setting also gives the surgeon more time to spend with the patient. When the surgeon doesn’t have to travel to a separate facility for surgery, efficiency is gained between clinic and surgery allowing for more time with each patient.  Furthermore, the convenience of one-location makes scheduling easier with more availability, which is extremely beneficial with urgent cases. Office-based surgery gives surgeons 24-hour access to an OR allowing for more timely treatment of emergency cases like a retina detachment.


With an aging population and with improved outcomes, volume and costs will increase substantially in the coming decades. In fact, more than 50% of people over age 80 have cataracts.

Cataract surgery is safe, effective, and is the most performed surgery in the U.S. Over 4 million procedures are performed annually.

Office based surgery provides a low-cost, high-quality alternative with increased access as seniors surge into the Medicare program. The majority of OBS cases are performed under oral and/or topical sedation (Class A) versus moderate IV sedation (Class B). Eliminating Class B anesthesia could save Medicare millions of dollars annually.