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Healthgrades’ 2023 Awards: Physician-Led Hospitals Claim Over 30 Percent

March 17, 2023

Washington, DC – Physician-led and -owned hospitals dominated Healthgrades’ 2023 Patient Satisfaction and Patient Excellence Awards. Only 84 of the nation’s hospitals received both awards, and 28 of the awardees are physician-led hospitals. While physician-led hospitals represent less than 5 percent of the nation’s hospitals, an eye-popping 33 percent of the hospitals that won both awards are physician-led hospitals.

“High quality care, patient safety, efficiency and patient satisfaction are the pillars of physician-led hospitals,” Frederic Liss, MD, PHA’s president said. “As a result, it’s not a surprise that physician-led hospitals exceled in Healthgrades’ 2023 awards.”

“Patients agree, when it comes to safety and patient experience: physician-led hospitals lead the way,” said John Dietz, MD, past president of PHA and spine surgeon at OrthoIndy, a double recipient for the 2023 Patient Safety and Patient Experience Award. “It is time for Congress to look at the real-world evidence and give patients access to our high-quality, low-cost and patient preferred physician-led hospitals. We have demonstrated our value to the community, and the arbitrary ban on physician-led hospitals should be eliminated.”

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