Liquor Liability

If liquor is served at association functions, the organization staff will not purchase or pour the liquor, preferring that an insured and trained bartender be utilized as provided by the caterer, hotel, etc. The organization shall have adequate insurance and indemnify and hold the organization harmless with respects to claims, damages, losses, etc.

The organization will avoid having its staff serving liquor; requiring that hired bartenders be trained in distributing liquor and instructed to identify and deny serving intoxicated patrons.

The organization will carry host liquor liability insurance sufficient for protection.

Hospitality Suites

If the organization is the planner of a conference or trade show, any hospitality suites booked through attendees shall be coordinated through the association so that proper controls can be implemented.

In hospitality and presidential suites, all laws will be complied with. The association will utilize the facility or a caterer to purchase and serve the liquor. Set opening and closing times will be observed.