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Physician-Led Care



Physician-Owned Hospitals

Emphasizing the Most Important Relationship in Healthcare: The Patient-Physician Partnership

Physician ownership and management of hospitals has a long and distinguished record in the United States, beginning with some of the earliest hospitals, which were built and managed by physicians such as the Mayo Brothers.

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Healthcare Consolidation: The Importance of Competition in Healthcare Markets

Both the Biden and Trump Administrations Expressed Concern About Consolidation

While many public policy debates lead to partisan battles, the issue of increasing consolidation in healthcare markets and its effect on price and quality has attracted the same level of concern from left- and right-leaning think tanks and both sides of the political aisle.

A tool that could immediately inject competition into healthcare markets already exists: the expansion of physician-owned hospitals. Click here to read PHA’s stakeholder comments in response to the Health Future Task Force request for information.

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