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Physician-Led Hospitals

Physician ownership and management of hospitals has a long and distinguished record in the United States, beginning with some of the earliest hospitals, which were built and managed by physicians such as the Mayo Brothers.

Over time, new entities were formed to operate hospitals, and they often removed physicians from leadership positions.

Beginning in the early 2000s, a number of physicians across the nation witnessed a void in physician leadership within hospital management and began creating physician-led hospitals. Today, over 250 hospitals across the nation are owned and operated by physicians.

About Physician-Led Hospitals

Physician-led hospitals emphasize the most important partnership in healthcare: the patient-physician relationship.

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Advocacy: Tell Your Story

Congress introduced 2023 legislation to repeal the arbitrary ban on physician-led hospitals.

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Media Coverage

Health policy thought leaders are pointing to physician-led hospitals as a solution to address consolidation.

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Numerous studies touting the quality and efficiency benefits for patients have been published.

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