Studies – Physician-Led Hospitals

“Hospital Competition and Restrictions on Physician-Owned Hospitals”

February 2023

“The Economic and Social Benefits of Physician-Led Hospitals”

September 2022

“Cost and Quality of Care in Physician-Owned Hospitals: A Systematic Review”

September 2021

“Access, Quality, and Costs of Care at Physician Owned Hospitals in the United States: Observational Study”

September 2015

AMA: Report of the Council on Medical Service


“A Study of the Cost of Care Provided in Physician Owned Hospitals Compared to Traditional Hospitals”

October 2023

“Healthgrades’ 2023 Awards: Physician-Led Hospitals Claim Over 30 Percent”

March 2023

“Posterior Lumbar Fusions (PLFs) at Physician-Owned Hospitals – Is it time to reconsider the restrictions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?”

May 2019