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End the Arbitrary Ban on Physician-Led Hospitals

Legislation Is Necessary to Remove the Arbitration Ban on Physician-Led Hospitals

Members of the House and Senate introduced H.R. 977 and S. 470, which would reverse the Affordable Care Act’s arbitrary ban on new physician-led hospitals and growth restrictions on grandfathered hospitals.

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Ask Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 977 and S. 470.

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Physician-Led Hospitals as a Tool to Address Consolidation

Health competition thought leaders argue in a new paper that physician-led hospitals can be used to address consolidation:

“POHs present an opportunity to inject more competition into patient/consumer markets, U.S. payor markets, and markets for physician services. Competition in these markets is vital for reducing costs and improving quality. This not only benefits healthcare consumers—which eventually includes all of us, but also taxpayers providing publicly-financed health benefits that cover nearly one in two Americans. It also benefits physicians through increased competition for their services and greater opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation in patient care.”

“Hospital Competition and Restrictions on Physician-Owned Hospitals”

Click here to read the February 2023 competition policy paper written by Matthew C. Mandelberg, JD, MPA; Michael H. Smith, JD; Brian J. Miller, MD, MPA, MPH; and Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH.